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Created from picturesque farmlands lining the Ohio River, Prospect began its life as a nature-filled community with the development of the Hunting Creek and Sutherland neighborhoods. With them it gained its reputation as a sophisticated area filled with beautiful historic homes, and the perfect spot to build new custom homes. From there, Hillcrest, Innisbrook and the wonderful neighborhoods that have cropped up along Rose Island Road secured Prospect's place as a prosperous community. Prospect maintains its farmland heritage with an abundance of open land, including farms, ranches, and equestrian properties. Many properties even offer unparalleled views of the water and surrounding scenery. While Prospect feels worlds away from the hurry and bustle of downtown Louisville, commuting is still easy through River Road, US-42 or I-71.

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A Brief Introduction To The Prospect Ky Community - Podcast

Greg: Welcome to this edition of Perspectives, our real estate series brought to you by Louisville's Luxury Real Estate Brokerage, Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty. I'm Greg Fleischaker, your host, and today Lynette Masterson has returned to our podcast studio to discuss one of the more desirable parts of town, Prospect, Kentucky. Lynette, good to see you. How are you today?

Lynette: I'm doing very well, thanks.

Greg: Can you start us off, and tell us roughly where Prospect is? It's kind of an interesting, it's a city right, but it's also an area? It's sort of a couple different things?

Lynette: Yes, Prospect is its own city. It is basically the 40059 zip code. It is located in eastern part of Jefferson County, and meets up with the northern part of Oldham County, so it's actually got two counties within the city of Prospect.

Greg: I think it's actually one of the few cities in the entire country that is in two different counties.

Lynette: Yes, that's correct.

Greg: If you were ... Let's say you're in downtown Louisville, heading towards Prospect. Which corridor are you heading out?

Lynette: Prospect, the great thing about Prospect, it's got very easy access to Interstate 71, which will take you directly into downtown Louisville. I prefer to go the more scenic route, which is all the way down River Road along the Ohio River. That is about probably 7 - 9 mile commute down River Road, which will take you directly into downtown Louisville.

Greg: You and I have talked before about living on the river. You are a Prospect resident right?

Lynette: Yes, that's correct.

Greg: The river's one of the things that drew you to the area?

Lynette: Yes, actually Prospect is the only ... Well one of the few areas that has riverfront homes, single-family homes along the river. That's where you find the majority of the single-family riverfront homes, is in Prospect.

Greg: Prospect has a really nice, it seems to me, a really nice variety of homes, real estate values. It seems like there's something for almost everyone if that's the part of town they want to live in. I'm not saying Prospect is perfect for everyone, but if you want to live in Prospect, can you tell us about some of the subdivisions, just some of the neighborhoods that might appeal to different price ranges and different kinds of buyers?

Lynette: Yes, you've got a wide variety. The neighborhood of Hunting Creek was probably the first big neighborhood development to come to Prospect. It was prior to that just a lot of farmland, and Hunting Creek in the late '60's, early '70's was developed as a golf course community. Those homes range from ... you know the older homes that were built in the early '70's to newer construction, probably in the past 20 years, in the estate section. Hunting Creek is a great option if you like to golf, and they also have a country club.

Newer construction in the early '90's was Sutherland. It's a very large neighborhood. There's also Innisbrook, which backs up to Sutherland, a little bit newer subdivision as well. Then you've got some of the latest developments, multi-million dollar properties in Harrods Glen, and they are still building in Harrods Glen. Those are larger lot sizes. There's also Spring Farm Lake, where we had last year's Homearama. Still new construction going on in that area, as well as Norton Commons, which is a live/work community, planned community, that is also located in Prospect.

Greg: That's a very popular, it seems, destination right now. Does it also fall, is that all in Prospect? Because it's both Jefferson County and Oldham County.

Lynette: Yes. Right now, the only phases that they are building in right now is in the Jefferson County portion of Norton Commons. They have a future plan that will include Oldham County residences as well.

Greg: Depending on when someone's listening to this podcast, they may have started that. I think as of now, they finished up one phase. They're in phase 2, and there are 4 phases right, so this is going to be a long term project?

Lynette: Yeah. Oldham County is in the later phase.

Greg: Okay. What are some of the amenities that someone might avail themselves of if they live in Prospect? Obviously the river is going to be a primary draw.

Lynette: There's a lot of, obviously with all of the neighborhoods that, the way Prospect has grown, you've got easy access, convenient locations for shopping, for dining. There are a lot of local shops, restaurants, grocery store chains. Captain's Quarters is one of the iconic riverfront dining establishments in Prospect, which has actually been there since the early 1800's.

Greg: If someone's living in Prospect, do a lot of the people work downtown? Do you have any idea how long a commute that might be, or are they working maybe further in the east end, business district of Louisville?

Lynette: I'm not sure exactly how that breaks down, but I know that from my home in Prospect to downtown, it's an easy 20 minute commute. Sometimes you've got heavier traffic in the early morning, or the 5:30, but nothing like some people experience in other cities. It's kind of the known fact that in Louisville you're about 20 minutes from everything.

Greg: That's one of the nice things about living in our community, no doubt. Thanks for coming in and talking a little bit about Prospect, and if it's all right, I'll have you back on the podcast, and we'll maybe break down some of the numbers and sales, and really dig into some of the real estate.

Lynette: Okay, thank you.