Mockingbird Valley

Mockingbird Valley Homes for Sale – 40207

A quiet enclave that enjoys the highest per capita income in Kentucky, the Mockingbird Valley neighborhood is set off of the scenic Mockingbird Valley Drive and Brownsboro Road. With thick, rich forests, gorgeous bluffs, rolling hills, lush valleys, and undisturbed natural rock, Mockingbird Valley is utterly picturesque. Host to the Louisville Country Club, its estate homes, manors and elegant country homes give this Streexclusive neighborhood its esteemed reputation. The area’s first home, Rock Hill, was built in 1840 near River Road, and from the last century and a half, has only grown in architectural renown. The history of Mockingbird Valley is similar to several of Louisville’s other distinguished neighborhoods, including Glenview, Indian Hills, and Anchorage, and many of the historic homes come from the same time period.

Listings from Mockingbird Valley are rare, as the community is well-established and well-beloved, but Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty is very experienced with homes in this area, and will work hard to help you find an extraordinary home to suit your extraordinary life.

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