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Originally settled in the mid-1800s as country estate homes for Louisville's most prominent families, Glenview remains as one of the oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods in the city. The area is distinguished by its traditionally beautiful estate homes, most of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. With less than 300 homes, Glenview's vistas offer open views of the Ohio River and surrounding landscape in an exclusive setting. With River Road to the north, Lime Kiln Lane to the east, Brittany Valley road to the south and Knights of Columbus to the west, this small community is ideally situated in beautiful terrain. Glenview enjoys one of the most stable environments in Louisville, consistently meeting even the highest standards of living with the second-highest per capita of any community in the state. Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty has the privilege of many listings in the Glenview area, and is experienced in this beautiful historic neighborhood.

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A Brief Introduction To The Glenview Ky - Podcast

Greg: Welcome to this edition of perspectives. Our real estate series brought to you by Louisville's Luxury Real Estate Brokerage, Lenihan Sotheby's International Realty.

I'm Greg Fleischaker, your host. Today, Terri Bass is returning to the podcast to help us understand our city a little bit better.

Terri, thanks for coming in today. How are you?

Terri: I'm great, thank you.

Greg: I was hoping to ask you about Glenview today, Glenview, Kentucky. You're pretty active in that part of town, but I don't want to give people the impression that that's the only part of town you're active in. You're active all over the city, right?

Terri: That is correct, but not only do I sell homes in Glenview, I also live there, so I can talk a little bit about it.

Greg: There you go, I thought you'd be perfect. Can you tell us where it is? We'll start there.

Terri: Yeah. It's located between Brownsoboro Road and River Road on the north and south. Also, on the east and west, Lime Kiln Lane and Knights of Columbus, roughly.

Greg: Okay. It has its own zip code, is that correct?

Terri: It does and its own post office.

Greg: Oh, really? I didn't know that. Typically, what kind of home would someone find there? If someone were trying to describe the neighborhood, what could people expect if they drove through, if they're looking to buy or sell there?

Terri: It's interesting. You find a real variation in what Glenview has to offer. It started out in the mid 1800s that people would build beautiful summer homes on the bluff. They actually then created a train that went from downtown to Glenview and then all the way out to Prospect in 1877.

These beautiful, big homes served the families, who would come out for the summer with their children and the husbands would join them for the weekend. Then it became so accessible with the railroads that more and more people started moving out there and building, again, gorgeous homes. I guess today, they'd be well over a million, some up to three or four, on big tracks of land at that time.

Since that time ... You still find those. Many of them are designated as a historic district, as a historic home. Then you also find other developments off of Lime Kiln Lane, especially, that have wonderful new neighborhoods, not new, but relatively new, they're forty or fifty years old, that are great for families, young families, could be, sometimes a starter home, or sometimes that second home that you're moving up to.

Greg: Is it more of a mix than a lot of people would initially think? I know that Glenview has a reputation, probably, as the summer retreat that you were talking about and really big homes. You're making it sound like there's more of a mix of homes and maybe a bit broader range of price point.

Terri: There really is. It still is a very exclusive place and people love living there. I think it's because of all the beauty that these older homes and the way that the land was preserved and has been built on allows them to be a part of that community and have all the conveniences of some of the newer homes, as well.

There are two new developments, actually, Glenview Springs and Glenview Park. They have a lot of brand new homes. They're selling out very quickly.

Greg: Still popular. What about amenities? It sounds like it's a little bit more of a retreat or by itself and a little bit more land. Is it still pretty easy to get to, say restaurants or shopping or something along those lines?

Terri: Yes, it really is. You feel like you're really far away, but you're not. You're five minutes to Kroger's. You're close to the Interstate 264. You can get to many of the restaurants in fifteen minutes. It's an ideal location for someone working downtown or heading out east further.

Greg: I was curious about that because it seems like a lot of things are happening in both ends of the city, in the east and downtown. Is it commute-wise, maybe in between the two? Is it an easier drive or shorter drive to the east end than it is downtown? Neither one's horrible, it doesn't seem.

Terri: No, it isn't. The nice thing about being in the Glenview area, is that you always have different accesses to downtown. You can hit River Road or you can hit Brownsoboro Road or you can pick up the interstate. There's several ways that you can get there. If traffic should get backed up, then you can take the alternative.

Most of the people living in Glenview, that I'm familiar with, like taking the River Road into town, because it's so scenic and pretty.

Greg: All right. I think I have to get out and drive around a little bit. See some of these homes. I really appreciate you coming in and talking to us about Glenview, Ky today.

Terri: Thank you.